Dating Your Finest Pal’s Brother: Is That Acceptable Or Too Close For Comfort?

More confused than indignant, Hajime leaves deep in thought and believes that a minimum of some of Nagito’s words were true. After learning about Nagito’s twisted mind-set, Hajime felt betrayed and scorned. He felt that Nagito was very harmful, solely wanted to make others endure and could trick him once more if they talked too much. However, throughout his free-time events, Hajime saved trying to know Nagito’s mindset and continued to talk with him. There are also several moments in the primary game the place Hajime comes very close to understanding Nagito’s thinking, but then abandons the thought as he feels he’s simply over-thinking. In the top, it was Hajime’s understanding of Nagito that finally thwarted his plan in Chapter 5.

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I did discuss with my older brother and my brother in regulation and they helped me see my twin brothers side of things. He did not imply to harm me he simply developed feelings they usually have an opportunity to see the place things go, I’m not going to face in the greatest way of that. It still hurts when I hear them be a couple so if anyone has any recommendation on how to deal with this I would respect it. In Danganronpa V3’s bonus mode, Nagito dislikes Hajime at first due to him being a reserve course student. However, in three years, they become associates and Nagito tells Hajime about his luck.

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In the third trial, she makes use three day rule chat of him to offer herself an alibi within the morning once they first uncover the corpse. Nagito has also kind of jokingly in contrast Hajime to a tsundere character greater than as soon as because of his sometimes irritated temper in his firm. In Danganronpa 2, during his Free Time Events, he suggests Hajime’s unknown talent could be “tsuntsun hair”, referring to both his aloof character and spiky hair. This was translated as “Ultimate Spiky Hair” within the localization, and while it’s not incorrect, it loses the extra joke regarding Hajime’s character. Nagito laughs and clearly finds his joke very humorous, however Hajime annoyingly answers that it’s not even a expertise.

Hajime has brief, spiky-ish brown hair with an ahoge that moves based on his feelings. He wears a easy white shirt with the emblem of his earlier highschool embroidered on the hem, along with a green tie which additionally bears the same emblem. During his time in Hope’s Peak Academy, he wore a black reserve course scholar uniform, that are the same garments he wears as Izuru Kamukura.

Dating your best friend’s brother: is that acceptable or too shut for comfort?

While looking Strawberry and Grape house, he was ditched by Kazuichi and was left with Nekomaru. When Hajime visited Nagito along with Mikan, Nagito forcefully ordered Hajime to not visiting him once more. It is hinted that really Nagito wished Hajime to stay since he was contracted with the “lying illness”, saying things that contradicted with the truth.

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